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If you can not afford dental care there are many free and low cost dental care programs in every state of the United States where you can get the care you need and you pay very little or nothing at all.  You could be receiving all types of dental care including checkups, cleanings, fluoride treatments,caps, dentures, braces, fillings, dental implants, extractions and much much more. Just imagine what this could mean for you and your family!


Here At FreeDentalCare.Com You Will Find Hundreds
Of Free And Low Cost Dental Programs Nationwide!

If you need dental care but can not afford this expense you are about to receive the care you need. Right here at this web site you will access the names addresses and phone numbers of the free and low cost dental programs which are located in every state within the United States Of America. Many of these programs are right in your area! Simply click on Getting Started to learn how you and your family can take advantage of these life saving programs.



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Free Dental Care.Com Saved My Life

I needed dental care at the worse possible time. I lost my job and had little income. I needed dental work because the pain was getting unbearable. This was a bad time for me in my life. I then discovered this web site and logged into
The Free And Low Cost Research Center
and was able to easily find a low cost dental program in my area. Before I knew it I was sitting in a dentist chair. I couldn't believe it, words can not describe the joy I felt when the pain was gone! Not to mention I didn't pay much to see a dentist because this program worked on a sliding fee scale. They only charged me what I could afford.

Thank you for saving me!

Terry Stevens


I'd Like To Express My Sincere Thanks

Please let me start at the beginning of my misery. Due to the recession I do not have any health insurance much less dental insurance. My tooth was causing me a lot of pain. I knew it was a cavity and a bad one at that. I called around and was told unless I was able to pay the dentist in full they could not help me. Meanwhile the pain was becoming excruciating!

Thanks to Free Dental Care.Com I found a dentist who was not only willing to see me for free but gave me the care I desperately needed.
The dentist took one look at the cavity in my tooth and told me the cavity was very deep and they would do all they could to save my tooth. Then they had to x-ray my teeth. I thought to myself here it comes they are going to tell me the tooth has to be extracted (We all know that’s what they do when you have no dental insurance). Then they told me my tooth did not need to be pulled. Well, my eyes filled with tears not only was I going to keep my tooth but I had a dentist who was willing to provide the care for free.

I now feel good about myself, they treated me like all their patients who did have dental insurance. They worked for over an hour they even used a medicated filling. The best part is when I left the office the pain in my tooth was gone and I was able to keep my tooth! They wished me well and I went home feeling much better about my smile and myself.

Donald Dupont


Hear From The Founder

I had the same problem now I am dedicated to helping people get the care they need for free. I got laid off from my job and I needed dental care. I didn't know what I was going to do. This is when my research began. After months of searching I was able to locate a low cost dental program.

All the programs are different. This particular program was in a dentist office and didn't have many people in the waiting room. It was just like any dentist visit. They filled my cavity and also gave me a cleaning. The best part is they only charged me $12.00 dollars! You can't imagine how relieved I was and the pain was finally gone!

I was again in need of more dental care so I did some more research and found another program to get free dental care. This program was close to home which was great. The dentist was professional and did excellent work. I was able to get all my cavities filled, root canals, four wisdom teeth removed, cleanings and new caps. I had everything I needed done!

The most amazing part was this new program charged me absolutely nothing! I would never have been able to afford this care otherwise. I am happy and my teeth look great now.

It was then I realized I could help other people get the care they need for very little or nothing at all !

Anthony De Boise - Founder of Free Dental Care.Com