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I come to you at a time of desperation. I am in pain, physically and emotionally due to the condition of my teeth. There is so much work that needs to be done and I don't know where else to turn, I have exercised every option that I can at this point. I come to you now in the hope that you might be able to offer alternative solutions or routes that I may take in order to at long last have the beautiful, healthy teeth I so desperately want.

I have been battling with mouth pain and ugly teeth for too many years. It all started when my parents decided to get me braces that they inevitably could not pay for. My father was to pay for my braces, while my mother was to pay for my sister's. This was an attempt to divvy up the costs since they were divorced. Both my parents were lower income and it was always a struggle to make ends meet. My father passed away still in debt at the cost of my orthodontics and my mother simply could not afford to pay for it after paying for my sisters. So my braces were left on, unattended, for over ten years until I, as an adult, could afford to have them removed.


 The longevity of the neglected braces left my teeth weak and scarred, and I tried my best to fix whatever damaged had occurred. I would fix one thing when I could afford it, then another and another at a later time. But the damage had been done. Now my teeth are stained and hideous. To make matters worse I have a rotting broken tooth in my mouth, and I desperately need a gum graft for teeth that have almost no gum. I have gum disease now as well. I have tried to pay for what I can but I don't make enough money and what insurance I have won't cover what I need done. I have made appointments at many different places hoping they could work with me but they can't. The clock is ticking for me, I am losing previous bone mass in the areas that need grafting. My teeth are getting worse. I am researching like crazy spin everything I can to take care of my dental problems but there is only so much I can do.

Please, whoever reads this, if you have any kind words of wisdom for me share them. The dentists I've gone to say they can save my teeth but time is crucial.I've never had pretty teeth. I was always made fun of for me teeth. I rarely smile anymore. I just want beautiful, healthy teeth. I don't want to be in pain anymore.


Best regards,



     I have medicare from new york social security due to vision loss also receive snap benefits. my husband recently passed with no life insurance. my teeth are falling out. can you help me?



Dear Sirs

I have dentures and they don't fit at all anymore so I haven't had any teeth in over two yrs now..i lost a lot of weight and now they just fall out..Im really having self esteem problems and health problems cause I cant eat properly. I really need help as I cant afford to get them fixed or replaced.. thank you very much



Dear Free Dental,

    I am looking for assistance with Dental Care, the insurance I have is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. In the past I have had several problems with my teeth that has cost thousands of dollars. After putting money toward caps for my teeth they have now fallen or broken off, I have consulted with my dentist and as a result I need  to receive dentures on the top and a partial on the bottom. On top of what the insurance will cover the dentist is still asking for another five-thousand to six-thousand dollars. Due to my past Dental Care, I am currently in the process of filing for bankruptcy. With other family members that need Dental Care I am not capable of paying such a high price. I appreciate the time you took to read over my letter, I hope to hear from you in the near future.



To Whom This May Concern,

I am on a very tight income (SSDI) and medicare is my insurance. My husband is unemployed as well (not for lack of looking). I am a 43-year-old woman who has gone through alot of health issues over the last 6-8 years. I've had one tooth to completely dissolve out of my mouth. I have another tooth trying to do the same. The pain is unbelievable at times. It's amazing that there's not some Medicare program out there for the disabled who need dental help. If you are legitimate I would be willing to donate a few dollars to get the info for free dental access in my area (Sanford, NC). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



I need implants and crowns in the worse way.  I have lost every job I have ever had.  Right now I have an infection from my partial plate which has been broken for over 5 years.  No one will help me.  Please I can't eat, I have asthma and I am permanently disabled. Could I be a test case, could I get a very lost cost implant.  I can't do the partial since I only have four teeth in the top.   I have been to school but no one will hire me because of my bad breath and missing teeth.  I have a teaching degree, a paralegal degree, and an interior design certificate.  When I go on interviews the interviewers hold their noses, and they stare at my teeth.  So I tried ministry but the ministers even talk about my teeth and breath.  HELP ME PLEASE.  



I am a 33 year old single mother of four. I cannot afford dental insurance and have not seen a dentist since 2006. I don`t smile as much as i use to because my smile is not the same. I am in Desperate need of dental care could someone please help and point me in the right direction of affordable care. Thanks.



I am a mother of 2 and last year had to close my grooming shop due to the economy now I'm still unemployed due to the lack of jobs in my area and the price of daycare.. Recently I lost a life long friend due to to an infected tooth and no insurance it made me step back and think I don't want this to happen to means I have at least 4 teeth that probably need to be pulled and I just can't afford it and need help.



My husband and daughters are in desperate need of  dental help! We are trying to make it on a very small income ,we can not afford dental care. My husband has a broken tooth in the back and a chipped one in front.
he has real trouble eating .My youngest daughter has real bad front teeth on top even when air hit them she covers her mouth with her hand. She never wants to smile,she needs her smile back! My oldest daughter has a lot of the same problems. I pray you can help my family.
Sincerely a desperate mom,

M. P.


I am a 29 year old female. Mother to four children. I do not have any insurance whatsoever and I am currently laid off. I need dental care badly as I cannot tolerate this pain anymore. I'm looking into applying with this program. What would I need to do to get seen soon? Thank you.




I have someone who is very special to me who is in desperate need of a dentist. He is a full time working single dad and was told by the dentist He not only could not have his teeth cleaned but has only seven teeth in his entire mouth that can be saved. He has insurance and has paid a good amount but only received a few procedures for the huge amount paid. Terrible teeth has ran in his family the dentist prior said he might as well not brush only use mouth wash, I find that alarming ! After taking care of a family on his own he cannot afford much extras, Please help.


I'm looking for help. I dropped my partial upper. I lost a front tooth.
I cannot afford repairing. I took the tooth to a dentist and they glued it back and told me it might not last and of course it didn't last but a few weeks. It did cost me $265.00. Months have passed and I'm afraid to go to another dentist. I am 85 so I'm on a fixed income. If the office is near I could help out in the office answering phones, making appointments, etc.,to contribute toward my service received. Thank you for helping those less fortunate.