New Dot Com Emerges Helping People Get Free Dental Care

I am the Founder of FreeDentalcare.Com. The beginning of FreeDentalCare.Com originated from my own personal
problem. I had lost both of my two front teeth at a young age and I had many cavities that were causing me a great deal of pain.
In addition I needed two root canals and all four wisdom teeth had to be removed. I rarely ever smiled. I was too
self conscious about the condition of my teeth.

I needed dental care at the worse possible time. I had lost my job and my dental insurance.
No dentist would help me unless I showed proof of having dental insurance. The pain from the cavities
had become excruciating! I had no idea what I was going to do.

This is where my research began. I started searching for a solution to my own personal problem. After months of
searching I was able to finally locate a low cost program which was in Boston Massachusetts. I lived about two hours from
Boston at the time but I was willing to travel by that point.

I showed up at the low cost program and was very surprised to find that this particular program was exactly like going to
any dentist's office with the exception the program did not require me to have dental insurance. The staff was friendly
and treated me well. They filled all of the cavities which were causing the pain and gave me a much needed cleaning.
The most amazing part was they only charged me $12.00.
I had no more pain. It was gone. You can't imagine
how relieved I was I located this program!

Still, I was in need of more dental work therefore I located another program in Hartford Connecticut. This program
was only fifteen minutes away from me. They immediately signed me up for free care! I had all of my remaining
cavities filled, two root canals performed, two caps for my front teeth, and all four wisdom teeth removed. I was given
anesthesia during the removal of the wisdom teeth and surprisingly even that was free. I paid nothing for this dental care
and now I absolutely love to smile!

It was then I realized this same information which helped me tremendously could help other people
receive the care they need.
However, I needed a way to make this information easily accessible. I decided the best way
to do this would be the internet. I then founded FreeDentalCare.Com where people will locate hundreds of these programs nationwide.

FreeDentalCare.Com's grand opening date was January 1st 2010. From this site you can locate hundreds of free and low cost
dental programs
. FreeDentalCare.Com has already helped many people receive the care they need. Now, with our help you too will
get the care you need for free. I wish you the best in your dealings with the free and low cost dental programs!

Anthony De Boise - Founder of FreeDentalCare.Com



About FreeDentalCare.Com

This web site is a collaboration of efforts by an organized group of web developers internet researchers and other professionals
who have volunteered their time and skill to make FreeDentalCare.Com possible. We sincerely wish you and your family th
e best in your dealings with the free and low cost dental programs.
We are looking forward to hearing about your success!